Welcome to the City of Sails. Rated as the third most liveable city in the world, Auckland is a place where vibrant city style and spectacular landscapes go hand in hand. On arrival please phone toll free number 0800 747 227 using either your NZ mobile or Public pay phone and you will be transferred by ” Park N Fly ” shuttle to pick up your car. This service is free of charge within business hours and extra charge of NZD $40 applies for after hours pick up. Please phone (09) 4448558 to make arrangements prior to your arrival.
New Zealand’s second-largest city, known as ‘The Garden City’, which around 340,000 people call home. Christchurch city promises an eclectic mix of historic elegance and contemporary culture. As the gateway to the South Island, It’s a must on any itinerary. Upon arrival make your way to the I-Site area (to your right if you are coming in via International or to your left if you are coming in via Domestic), please call our freephone number and a representative will be sent to collect you within 10 minutes. You will then be taken to our car hire depot where you will complete the paperwork and pick up your rental car.If you are collecting out of office hours, please make your way to the international arrival terminal. By the exit sign is a free phone, sign says Air park Canterbury please dial 25 to make arrangements to be Collected and taken to collect your hire car . Air park Canterbury will assist with your paperwork and collecting your hire car . Alternatively call them on 0800 13 26 09 from your own phone. Please note after hours service will incur a parking fee of NZD$30 and arrangements must be made prior to your arrival.